Friday, August 24, 2007

Faith and Life Parish Lessons

This past summer I did something that I think I am ordered to in regards to the talents God has given me. I took a Catholic school curriculum for 1st through 8th grades and turned them into Parish lesson plans that can be used for CCD (Sunday school).

Ignatius Press has a wonderful religious education curriculum for Catholic schools called Faith and Life. It was orthodox when orthodoxy was, let's just say, in a more hostile environment than it is now and it is just an all around great curriculum. Because in the past there were not so many CCD curriculums that were faithful to the Magisterium a lot of Parishes used this Catholic school curriculum for their CCD classes. Unfortunately Faith and Life was not designed with the typical volunteer CCD catechist in mind. It has tons more information than you can pack into a typical 1 hour CCD class. Requiring a volunteer catechist to sift through everything to come up with a lesson was a heavy burden to place on them. Ignatius Press decided to create lesson plans that would ease that burden and hopefully that is what has been accomplished.

I became aware of this project through my old boss at Saint Brigid, Julie Johnson, who now works for Ignatius Press. It took about a month longer than I thought, but I think the end product is what Ignatius was looking for. Hopefully all those overworked CCD catechists out there find it to be what they were looking for too.

Here are the Parish lessons which are now available for 1st through 8th grades.

Here is the home page for the Faith and Life series.

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