Monday, November 17, 2003

U.S. Catholic Bishops Move to Reinforce Ban on Birth Control

U.S. Catholic Bishops Move to Reinforce Ban on Birth Control. Here it comes. Bishops reaffirming the Church's stance on birth control. Up to this very day, I still hear Catholics say that we can do whatever we want in this area. I wonder how those Catholics will respond to this. Here is a snippet:

The nation's Roman Catholic bishops, acknowledging that American Catholics pay little heed to their teaching on contraception, launched an effort today to reinforce the ban on birth control and linked it to the anti-abortion campaign.

Holding their regular meeting in Washington, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops tackled another sexuality issue today. They approved the text of a brochure that lays out the church's condemnation of same-sex unions.

The contraception question was introduced by the Committee for Pro-Life Activities, the bishops' anti-abortion committee, which proposed the writing of an easily understandable booklet. The booklet would address questions about the church's teaching on marriage and sex, why "natural family planning" - seeking or avoiding pregnancies according to the fertility cycle - is acceptable and why it believes birth control is wrong.