Sunday, May 27, 2007


Yesterday I attended my first Ordination Mass. Eight seminarians from the Archdioces of Atlanta were ordained to the transitional diaconate. Not only does that mean they are now Deacons, but it is also a fancy way of saying, God willing, they will be priests next year.

Everytime I see Archbishop Gregory I am more impressed. His homily was on the role of a Deacon and he stressed that their first role is to take care of the poor. He addressed them as his children and he their father. It was just wonderful to see this successor to the Apostles shepherding his flock.

Two of the newly ordained (shown below) come from our parish Saint Brigid.

Reverend Mr. Jim Flanagan.

Reverend Mr. Neil Dhabliwala.

Here are all eight of the newly ordained.

Congratulations to all eight. May God bless and protect them as they move towards ordination to the priesthood. Please keep them all in your prayers and continue to pray for more men to answer God's call.

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Tracy said...

How neat!

Todd said...

Sorry for the pictures in the post being all jumbled. Everything is straightened out now.

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